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Math Attack 0.1.1

  • Publisher:Daniel Droege
  • Version:0.1.1
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Math Attack 0.1.1Description

An RPG game for kids
Math Attack is a software written in Python and PyGame.Developer commentsAfter seeing how uninterested my sons have become in mainstream educational gaming, I decided to create a game with a different approach. Rather than center a game around the education, Math Attack allows a player to buff himself for more powerful attacks by correctly answer optional math facts that appear on the screen. Game play is the main focus for the child, and the facts will soon be memorized upon game completion.Different weapons will require different skills that gradually increase in difficulty as they become more powerful. A level 1 using the water sword will need to answer addition problems with integers from 0-5, as a level 10 would have integers ranging from 100-1000. If they addition ever gets too hard, they could switch to the fire ax or lightning whip for subtraction or multiplication at level 1 respectively. Requirements:
· Python
· pygame
What's New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]
· Still do not have screenshots. Sorry the code is such a mess. I just learned python last week, and threw this catastrophy together since I completed the python and pygame tutorials. I still do not get the basic idea of how to program with classes or use classes from another .py file. Any help in this would be great. I am also having a problem with presenting the math questions to the player and recording the players input.

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